hello frameworkers,
in an effort to keep 16mm and the use of the bolex
and aaton cameras alive at our institution, i am looking 
for any recommendations you have for other repair
folks that would like to sign on our school account. 
is it true that both pro cam and chambless are winding
down their repair work because of retirement?! we have 30
cameras, 4 replacement spring motors and will 
need to replenish both supplies in the coming
couple years. we also need someone (besides abel
cinetech) who can help us with the electronics
on our aatonLTRs. any and all recommendations welcome.
i need artillery to counter support staff insurgency.
many, many thanks,

cathy lee crane
associate professor
dept. of cinema, photography & media arts
park school of communications
ithaca college
953 danby road
ithaca, ny 14850
(607) 274-1035
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