For Aaton, I would try Alan Giles of Camera Engineering in the U.K. He 
was the best and dealt with my old Aaton (Ser# C-322) and did amazing 
work with it. I know he had the old boards done (he has an electronics 
wizard who found the blown components.) He also used to manufacture many 
wonderful accessories. I don't know if he is still working on Aatons, 
but he was the guy.

For Bolex, I believe Chambliss is still around,
You might want to check my classic camera page which has links.


On 10/18/11 10:28 PM, wrote:
> hello frameworkers,
> in an effort to keep 16mm and the use of the bolex
> and aaton cameras alive at our institution, i am looking
> for any recommendations you have for other repair
> folks that would like to sign on our school account.
> is it true that both pro cam and chambless are winding
> down their repair work because of retirement?! we have 30
> cameras, 4 replacement spring motors and will
> need to replenish both supplies in the coming
> couple years. we also need someone (besides abel
> cinetech) who can help us with the electronics
> on our aatonLTRs. any and all recommendations welcome.
> i need artillery to counter support staff insurgency.
> many, many thanks,
> cathy

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