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Inkjet printers? Reminds me of a certain art school I went to where the
President tried to hip up the film department by hiring a 70-year old
cyberpunk. Utter failure there, too.

An added irony to this story is that David Packard Jr., the son of HP
co-founder is a major supporter of film preservation on the west coast,
including owning a fantastic nitrate-capable theatre, the Stanford Theatre
in Palo Alto.


On 10/21/11 6:19 PM, ""
<> wrote:
At least Eastman Kodak
> didn=B9t pin its latest turnaround effort on the fax machine. Just the same=
, as
> one securities analyst said, Wall Street worries that the once pre-eminen=
> film company is jumping =B3from one buggy whip business to another.=B2
Antonio M.
> Perez, Kodak=B9s chief executive, has poured hundreds of millions of dollar=
> into transforming Kodak into a giant in the inkjet printer business, even=
> printouts are increasingly being replaced with electronic copies on compu=
> tablets and smartphones.

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