Hi, I'm trying to make myself a frugal 3 point lighting system with one 1000w 
work lamp and two 500w work lamps. I got a three nice light stands and 
everything is solid and stable. As you can imagine being able to emit that much 
power is very useful at night but ideally I want to tone it down if I need to. 
Then I thought, hang on surely I can put a dimmer on these babies and then have 
full control over a powerful lighting system to get perfect exposure. Now I'm 
having some trouble locating dimmer switches that are rated up to 500w (let 
alone 1000w). I'm in the UK and the max I've found is only 250W an they are 
pretty nasty looking things :(
Does anyone know where I can find some dimmer switches? Also can anyone foresee 
any problems I might have putting a dimmer switch on halogen floodlights? I'm 
no electrician but assume it's one, possible and two, should work pretty good.
Please let me know.
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