So or flying, you can find a link to the TSA site on my page


I didn't see anything about bulbs. I expect that the TSA might fuss more 
over carrying fragile mercury containing bulbs in the passenger 
compartment. You might try calling a bulb manufacturer and ask them that 
question - which leads me to recommend Lowell lighting. Lowell also 
makes compact flourescents that are flicker free, have a High CRI and 
are daylight balanced (no green.) SO I'd recommend giving them a call.

My gut reaction says that there isn't that much of a pressure difference 
and I don't think the bulbs will crack from that - more likely from 
rough handling so pack them well. People have been shipping tungsten 
halogen bubls for a long time in lights with no issues from pressure and 
the tungsten halogen bulbs are under a lot of pressure.

On 11/2/11 11:27 PM, k. a.r. wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> So in about 3 weeks I am flying to Mexico to shoot on two documentary
> projects.
> I will be bringing a light kit, one that has some high intensity compact
> florescent bulbs.
> (you know, the curly looking ones that everyone thinks are so green)

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