Hi all - I wanted to thank everyone who has already 
submitted to our 7th annual Experiments in Cinema festival 
- And, remind the rest of you that our postmark deadline 
for submissions is December 1. 2011 (see 
www.experimentsincinema.com for submission information) - 
We've already begun watching submissions and there is some 
really great stuff!... and a strong selection of 
international submissions as well.

Additionally, I wanted to let people know about a swell 
new festival in Portland that is being produced by the 
good folks at Grand Detour (one of the founding members of 
Grand Detour is Ben Popp, a former member of our very own 
Basement Films).  Their fest is called Experimental Film 
Festival Portland (www.effportland.com) and I would 
strongly encourage EVERYONE to submit their work.

Bryan Konefsky, Visualiste
Lecturer, Dept. of Cinematic Arts, University of New 
Artistic Director, Experiments in Cinema
President, Basement Films
Advisory Board, Ann Arbor Film Festival
guest curator, Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
"As the spirit wanes the form appears." - Charles Bukowski
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