Yikes!!  Those creeps!! Poor Lawrence.


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> Frameworkers,
>      Some of you will be familiar with Lawrence Brose, the Buffalo filmmaker
> whose beautiful film De Profundis is the culmination of a long career of
> working directly on the filmstrip in imaginative ways. He is interviewed
> about De Profundis in my book, A Critical Cinema 4.
>      Lawrence has been targeted by Homeland Security in what, from all that
> I can discover, is a trumped-up case that charges that a German site on
> which child pornography had been found was connected to a personal computer
> in the CEPA gallery office that Brose allowed CEPA Gallery staff and
> visitors to use (Brose has been a voice for gay rights in Buffalo for years,
> and was Executive Director of CEPA Gallery until he needed to resign to
> fight the charges against him). The Feds also named some of Brose's graphic
> work from De Profundis as child porn.
>      While there seems every likelihood that ultimately these charges will
> be dropped, the battle to save his name and reputation, and his freedom, has
> eaten up virtually all of Brose's financial assets. And so, some of us have
> offered what financial support we are able to offer. Brose is selling prints
> of frame enlargements from De Profundis (these images are among those that
> have been targeted) in order to defray ongoing legal costs.
>      For further information check www.lawrencebroselegaldefensefund.com/
> There you can find more detailed information about this case, and, should
> you desire, you can make a donation.
> Scott MacDonald
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