Millenium's Howard Guttenplan has a series of travelogues shot on 8mm in
the 70s and 80s. We showed some of them at Microscope in August, but there
are many more.

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> Hello you,
> I am trying to pull together a list of experimental films that either fall
> directly under the category of "travelogue" or bear witness to travel and
> distance from a point of origin on the part of the filmmaker. These would
> not be so much ethnographic works which are part of a sustained cultural
> exchange, but films made as a result of the filmmaker "passing through" and
> acknowledging the looming spectre/problem/pleasure of "the tourist film".
> Warren Sonbert, perhaps John Smith's "The Hotel Diaries"? I'm sure there
> are others...but can you name them?
> Thanks/Grazie/Kiitos!
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