I missed the listing, so I'm sorry for this, but...

My videos are being screened at the Millennium Film Workshop this weekend and I 
think they're well worth your while. I've pasted the show description below.

Barningham's work is concerned first and foremost with the textures, 
rhythms and colors possible in video. Largely using re-appropriated 
footage from amateur meteorologists across the country, the videos in 
this program re-invision landscapes not as majestic natural sculptures 
but as objects, like video, that are struggling to exist. Colors and 
shapes snap, gesticulate and then dissolve in a membrane of pixels. 
Trees and clouds shift restlessly against ill-defined spaces and tremble at the 
hand of invisible forces.  Large fields bathe in scattered rays 
of light which arrive as quickly and as painfully as they vanish.
Program - Again (2011, 4.5 min, DV, sound), And Again (2011, 3min, DV, sound), 
Charles Ives' Three Quarter-Tone Pieces "Chorale" (1924, 4.5min, CD), Hills 
(2011, 2min, DV, silent), Easter (2011, 2min, DV, silent), Color Copy (2011, 
3min, DV, silent), Playing (2011, 2min, DV, silent), Arrangements 1 (2011, 
3min, DV, silent), Arrangements 2 (2011, 2min DV, silent), View from a Cemetery 
(2011, 4min, DV, silent), A Pass (2011, 2min, DV, silent), Silence  (2011, 
2min, DV, silent), All (2011, 2min, DV, silent), Parts (2011, 4min, DV, 
silent), Tropical (2011, 5min, MiniDV, silent), Back Yard (2011, 4min, DV, 
silent), "Wood Cart Group" 1. Wood Cart (2011, 5min, DV, silent), 2. Sometimes 
at Night (2011, 6.5min, DV, silent), 3. I Hear Strange Laughter (2011, 6min, 
DV, silent), 4. Buster Keaton (2011, 5min, DV, silent). 

The screening is taking place this upcoming Saturday at 8:00 PM at Millennium 
Film Workshop. 

If you're interested in how the work feels/looks, I've pasted a link to my 
vimeo page below. Silence, Tropical and All, which are viewable on that page, 
will be screening in this program. I will also be attending the show if you'd 
like to discuss the work.


Thanks for your interest and time! I hope to see some of you on Saturday.

-Jake Barningham
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