that is really nicely done.  Thank you for sharing.

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I've used a hybrid technique in collaboration with filmmaker Anna 
Geyer. She manipulated celluloid in various ways, then we scanned it 
and I combined and processed it with digital animation.

The piece is called "PHOSPHENES" and it has screened at a few 
festivals including Big Muddy. You can watch it here:


At 12/8/2011, you wrote:
>Hi Frameworkers,
>As part of my research, I've been compiling a group of contemporary 
>filmmakers who have employed hand-processing of film and digital 
>visual effects in hybrid ways.
>The filmmakers I've caught up with thus far include Johanna Vaude, 
>Stephanie Maxwell, Jurgen Reble (for Materia Obscura), Kerry Laitra. 
>I'd like any of you to raise
>more similar filmmakers who come to your mind, so that I will bring 
>more cases together to my list.
>Thank you in advance,

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