I am a lurker who enjoys the endless discussions on film versus video, anyhow I 
am also on Media Librarian discussion list and I know some of you have contact 
or ties to film archives so I thought I would copy this post over for anyone 
who has interest, I am pretty sure the librarian wants to give their 16mm films 
to someone who will preserve them, so all of you found footage artist should 
probably not bother the poor person but you never know, they will probably be 
destroyed if they are not taken, so it is worth a shot...

I have to do some very extreme weeding of our remaining 16mm films. (Losing 
their storage space.  Space for VHS & DVDs is not effected, fortunately.)
Do you have archives or other places you’d suggest I contact, who might want to 
give some reels a new home?
(I’ve sent films to the Chicago Film Archive, Harvard’s, and have a list to go 
to David in Rhode Island.)
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University, Mankato | (507) 389-5945 | barbara.berg...@mnsu.edu
-David Folmar                                     
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