Hi frameworks, 
I have been greatly utilizing my makeshift DIY lighting kit over the last 2-3 
months. It's been great for video work because I can just white balance and 
then I'm all set to go! I would like to thank those who gave me advise on the 
DIY kit again! It really has proven useful! 
However I've been asked to use film (not video) indoors and my DIY light kit 
isn't at the correct colour temperature. I will mostly be working with 100D and 
Tri-x film and was wondering if these lights would do the job:
I'm looking for a long term investment and LED lights seem to be a good bet as 
they are cool, light, portable and last a long, long time. I kindly ask you 
frameworks folks to cast your critical eye over the lights and let me know what 
you think. It's a lot of money to spend on a kit so I want to be sure they are 
up to the job!
Kind Regards and as always thanks in advance for the helpful info! Always 
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