The daylight filter is used to balance the color of sunlight towards 
orange to correspond with the tungsten film stock. In the case of 
Tri-X, you do not need to worry about the colors so you do not need 
to use the filter - leave it on tungsten.  On the other hand you can 
get some very nice effects on the contrast shooting Tri-X through 
yellow or red filters. Try i!
-Pip Chodorov

At 9:38 +0000 11/01/12, Kevin Timmins wrote:
>I'm going down to London to do a Black and White reversal processing 
>workshop on Saturday and have to take an exposed roll of Tri-x 200 
>along with me. I've never used this film stock before and was 
>wondering if I should have the camera's filter set to the bulb or 
>sun position (or will the cartridge cancel the filter anyway)? Any 
>other tips beyond this in relation to this film stock would be 
>great. I'll be shooting with it today, tomorrow and friday.
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