It would help if you could give us more detail. E.g. do the authors have to be 
living? (If not, PK Dick would seem essential.) If we knew who you'd already 
lined up it would help, as then we would have exemplars to suggest appropriate 
complements and/or contrasts.

> It's important that the author/writing not be too heady or overly 
> theoretical. For this project, I'm seeking a more poetically articulated 
> intelligence rather than an academically articulated one.

That's not necessarily a bright dividing line. Some writers/thinkers who do 
heady/theoretical (especially on the page) also do poetic/creative (especially 
in person). Here I am particularly thinking of Allequere Roseanne "Sandy" 
Stone, whose writing can move from engaging conversational style to dense 
theory-speak in the course of an essay, but whose spoken presentations are more 
like Spaulding Gray monologues (if Spaulding Gray was as trans-gendered 

You might also want to look at the work of Ellen Ullman, author of 'Close to 
the Machine'. The book is good, but I'm specifically thinking about the essay 
"Come in, CQ: the body on the wire" in _Wired Women_ 
( I think she still lives in SF.

Back to the SF takes on virtuality, William Gibson seems pretty accessible in 
terms of giving interviews, and he cooperated in making a doco about his ideas 
a number of years back.


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