Hello everyone,

The annual conference of SCMS (the Society for Cinema and Media  
Studies) will be in Boston this year, running March 21-25. As part of  
the group ExFM (the Experimental Film and Media special interest  
group) within SCMS, I am trying to coordinate an expanded cinema  
performance that will take place during the conference (specifically  
on Saturday, March 24), and am shopping around for venues in Boston.  
The conference hotel is a possibility, but not an ideal one, so I'm  
looking for other options - more suitable to this kind of work and its  
audience. Ideally they would be in the downtown area, which is where  
the conference will be held, but I'd also be interested in hearing  
about ANY venues in the general vicinity that might be good for a  
"live cinema event." These could be cinematheques, microcinemas,  
galleries/museum spaces, schools, music venues, etc.

I'd be very grateful for any suggestions. Meantime, I'll be posting  
more information about the conference in the near future. There are  
several panels, papers, workshops, screenings, and related events that  
will be of interest to frameworkers.

Thanks in advance - all best,

Jonathan Walley
Associate Professor of Cinema
Denison University

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