I've had this happen quite a few times now whilst using different 1014's and 
814's. The camera's seem to think the 100D film has come to the end in the 
cartridge and in the viewfinder the word END (or a red light appears). However 
the film is barely a minute. It's really frustrating because once it starts 
happening you can only film about 3 seconds at a time before the camera stops 
the film again. 
In all my lower end cameras like the 310XL's or 514XL's there isn't a problem 
and the cartridges in question seem to work perfectly. You can keep filming 
even it the cartridge has actually come to an end. 
Does anyone have any clue why these two models are responding this way to the 
100D film stock or is this a common problem? Any help would be great as I'm 
shooting a film on the weekend and need to remedy this pesky problem. 
Best Kevin                                        
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