The MisALT Screening Series is excited to go into 2012 with three new calls
for entries for the new year. We’re looking forward to an exciting year of
experimental, avant-garde, and underground film, video, and media art
including shows by guest curators and hopefully some special screenings of
feature length projects.

 Our new calls for entry include:

*Conversations with the Mirror: Contemporary Autonarrative and Reflections
on the Self*
Deadline: February 29th, 2012
Screening: Late-March, 2012

 Film and video artists have regularly turned their cameras upon themselves
presenting their lives and bodies to the public gaze. From early trance
films through decades of memoirs, self-portraits, performance video, and
personal essays – self-exposure, confession, and self-mythology have been
pervasive in avant-garde and experimental time-based practices. For this
screening, the MisALT Screening Series is interested in projects that draw
from these traditions and experiment with notions of auto-biography and
auto-fiction . We are looking for self-reflexive work that dangerously
walks the line between revealing deep personal secrets and telling
exquisite lies – between revealing hidden truths and providing false

*Experiments with Science:*
Deadline: March 15th, 2012
Screening: Mid-May, 2012

 Science and art are often consigned to separate social spheres, and the
intersection of science with cinema frequently evokes memories of classroom
films and epic television nature documentaries. While these forms can be
informative and at times spectacular they tend to prioritize goals of
education and entertainment over aesthetic experimentation and critical
engagement. For this screening, the MisALT Screening Series is interested
in presenting experimental films and videos that take their inspiration
from Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Mathematics and brings
them out of the sphere of edutainment to make bold and original artistic
statements that push the boundaries of scientific cinema.

* Vulgar Politics:*
Deadline: May1st, 2012
Screening: Mid-June, 2012

 Electoral politics frequently brings out the worst tendencies of American
culture.  Politicians and their proxies intersect with 24-hour news media
to create an unending spectacle of antagonism, pandering, and barely-coded
appeals to the prejudices that permeate through much of the United States.
In recognition of this year’s American presidential elections, the MisALT
Screening Series is soliciting submissions of experimental, avant-garde,
and underground films and videos that engage with political culture in all
its vitriol and absurdity. We are interested in work that critiques current
political media and challenges the status quo to make the proposition that
a better politics is possible.

 We are primarily interested in short to mid-length works (0-45minutes) but
will consider work of longer durations and we are currently capable of
exhibiting pieces on DVD, VHS, Super-8mm, 8mm, 16mm, or as digital files.

To submit to any of these screenings please fill out the submission form
(available at and either send it along
with a preview DVD, artist statement, and project description to:
MisALT Screening Series
c/o Tessa Siddle
738 Andover St.
San Francisco, CA
Or E-mail the submission form, statement, description, and a link to a
full version of the submission to:
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