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We are looking for works from artists originally from, or currently based in Yorkshire/Sheffield, UK. Please help us spread widely.


Open Call for artists’ film & video works

Sheffield Fringe is inviting artist filmmakers from, or living in South Yorkshire, to submit works for their 2012 artists’ film and video screening series starting June 14th. Sheffield Fringe is an artist-led curatorial project, exploring the confluence point between art & documentary practice. It was first staged as a nano festival in June 2011 to coincide with Sheffield Doc/ Fest. The project was born out of a desire to create a platform dedicated to an expansive understanding of how we make and view documentaries, incorporating a multitude of suggested strategies of reform, coming in particular out of the fine art sector. Much variation can be sited in how artists and filmmakers approach the use of actuality as a creative, political, and philosophical means for art production. We are looking for works, which inspire dialogues and playful critiques of the documentary form, of documentation, performance and spectatorship.

A selection of the Sheffield Fringe programme will be screened at MAMBA (Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires), and again at Angus-Hughes Gallery in London as part of a touring programme.

The selection for this call is headed by Esther Johnson.

Entry Guidelines

Please send film/video entries on PAL or Region Free DVD to:

Sheffield Fringe
c/o Dingo Bill Productions
58 Charlotte Road
London EC2A 3QT

Alternatively please email with a weblink to your works.

Only the following information is required along with your film/video work:

Running time:
Synopsis (max 50 words):
Bio (max 50 words)

–There is no entry fee, or restrictions in year of production, or in number of works submitted.
–Individual works must not exceed 30 min. in total running time.
–Exhibition/screening copies must be available as data on Pal/Region Free DVD.
–Unfortunately we are unable to give feedback on works not selected.

Deadline: 9th March 2011

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