Dear FrameWorkers,
I have been asked to pass along this request from a programmer in Philadelphia, looking for films on perception of time. She is not on FrameWorks so anyone interested will have to contact her directly.

Subject: Shorter momentsĀŠ

My associate Annabelle Rodriguez and I are putting together a short film festival in Philadelphia titled "Inside the Moment" New Short Films, and is categorized into three major components, Narration, New Sequencing, and 'Real' Time - we are interested in filmmakers/films that explore various perceptions of time.

It will be shown during the months of October and November at Crane Arts, one of the best art venues in the city . I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction, or forward this to someone who can help us.

Here is the venue - <>

I'm not sure about our financial resources yet, but if you know anyone who might be interested in submitting a short film on the subject of time, I hope you can pass this on to them (including my email address).

Tracy Lisk <>
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