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> Lately I am part time and
"junior" at a strongly "tuition-driven"
> school in which avant-garde film
is certainly not the focus. So I don't show a
> lot of that. But I have
found that if you intelligently and passionately make
> the case to students
for, for example, showing film on film, many are
> receptive. I use some of
my prints, borrow some from friends, and use the
> prints in the school's
library that few faculty there use today.

I would point out that none of those options directly help Canyon. One of
the revenue losses that distributors are suffering is related to the schools
that do have an archive. Why would they rent a Brakhage film from Canyon
when they bought one ten years ago and can use the library version? Very few
universities are now buying prints, so distributors are primarily a rental
only source.

Another disturbing thing from the article:
" has sent letters appealing for funds to its 325 filmmaker members and
to 1,500 renters. The letter-raising campaign has raised about $500 so far,
Mr. Angerame said."

I don't know how long that campaign has been running, but I $500 is pretty



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