Winterpeg is Wonderful!

(I don't live there, but I love going there when I can).

Dear programmers... don't forget that there are two distributors in Winnipeg:
1) WFG Winnipeg Film Group
2) VideoPool

Dear filmmakers... don't forget that there is a cinematheque and a festival in Winnipeg: 1) Winnipeg Cinematheque (located with the WFG and also has a production centre)
2) WNDX experimental film and video festival.

check out their catalogues and programming.

(those are in addition to the many other wonderful distributors in Canada, the US, and around the world... I was just thinking of these Winnipeg folks thanks to Tom's happy message to Winnipeg... this is a topical response that's all... no favouritism here... no favouritism.... just topical) :)

Winterpeg is a great place to visit!  (but do it in the summer)  :)

Be well,

Amanda Dawn Christie

On 21-Feb-12, at 6:46 PM, Tom Whiteside wrote:

Hey Winnipeg, it’s Durham calling. We had so many films (eight) from your fair city at the recent Strange Beauty Film Festival that I just had to comment on it. Everyone was talking about it over the weekend, and each screening opened with a short YouTube yoo-hoo (or something like that) from Manitoba. Clever festival organizers had made contact early so we had plenty of Winnipeg swag. I got a key chain. And there was a haiku contest with a nice hockey jacket as a prize, I’m not sure who claimed that one, but I know that the competition was somewhat vicious for a poetry contest.

Anyway, just wanted to check in, say hello, and point out the fact that is was 17.7 degrees Celsius in Durham on Saturday. Howzit up your way? Come see us!

-          Tom Whiteside         Durham, North Carolina

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