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Brakhage’s sour grapes, or notes on experimental cinema in the art world

Erika Balsom Carleton University


This article examines the place of experimental cinema within the contemporary 
muse- um in order to challenge the commonly held assumption that it is somehow 
opposed to, or at least outside, the art world. Despite possessing a degree of 
material truth, the perceived separation between experimental cinema and the 
art world has led to an unfortunate lack of interrogation into the alliances 
and antagonisms that exist between them, partic- ularly as they have shifted 
over time. This article insists on the historicity of such relation- ships and 
traces how they have changed from the 1970s to a contemporary moment that sees 
experimental cinema in a closer relationship to the art world than ever before. 
The integration of experimental film into the museum is a key feature of the 
preoccupation with all things cinematic that has marked the art of the past two 
decades, prompting new questions as to the place of experimental film amongst 
the mediums of art practice. This article assesses not the distance so often 
thought to exist, but rather the proximity between experimental cinema and the 
art world in our moment.

Chuck Kleinhans

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