Chuck Braverman did the Condensed Cream of Beatles thing, and was known for his 
rapid-fire montages of the '60s, at least a few of which appeared on the 
Smothers Brothers show.

I don't believe Chuck Workman ever cuts the memorial segment, though.  The one 
year I talked to the folks doing it (2004), it was two guys whose names I can't 
remember, but who weren't working with Chuck.

Chuck Workman frequently cuts montages for the Oscars, though.  But so do other 
folks, including Penelope Spheeris and Errol Morris, among others.


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I understood that Chuck Workman always cuts together the Oscar 
montage - and as he just made the feature-length "Visionaries" on the 
experimental filmmakers around Anthology, he does know them all. 
(Though I prefered his "Condensed Cream of Beatles!)

At 20:50 -0800 27/02/12, Mark Toscano wrote:
>Exactly.  I didn't have anything to do with it!  Which is all the 
>better, as it suggests that his influence has indeed permeated 
>enough to be on the radar of folks cutting together Oscars montages.
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