For the record, the Academy Foundation actually does have an "Institutional 
Grants" program which provides financial support to small avant-garde film 
organizations (among other orgs) and another grant which supports film 
Info here:
list of institutional recipients here:

There are dozens of recipients on that list, including Millennium Film 
Workshop, San Francisco Cinematheque and, notably, San Francisco's Ninth Street 
Center for Independent Film, which received $5000 [the average grant award] in 
support of its "Canyon Cinema screening program." (This is all public 
information, via the link above.)

Whether a $5,000 grant from this organization is considered significant is I 
guess debatable but as Director of San Francisco Cinematheque (a recipient)—and 
I certainly wouldn't say no to more—I sure ain't complaining...

Steve Polta

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I started this yesterday but shelved it; now that others have posted I am a bit 
more confident and will send --- 
This is such an interesting statement. I know what you mean, but still…
There are avant-garde sympathetic folks at the Academy...      Could we 
possibly hope for “supportive” or even aim for “enthusiastic?”  OK, how about 
substantial funding for Canyon Cinema and the other 20 or so (100?) small 
avant-garde film organizations
 that need it right now? Take a tiny fraction of what you spend on regular old 
Lavish Hollywood Lifestyle and show some respect for experimental film. 
It is very nice, it really is, that both Brakhage and Kuchar got their memorial 
moments at the Oscars, but why not something for them while they were still 
I know the Academy is doing very important work in film preservation and that’s 
really all I know about their connection to experimental film. But taken as an 
industry, taken as American Culture #1, taken as a commercial art form that has
 learned and benefitted from the work created by experimental film pioneers for 
decades, why not show some respect and take 0.5% of the Movie Star Champagne 
Budget and fund art in this country?  Painting had an Academy once, but some 
painters broke away from

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