Cancel Cancel!
There was a guy in Los Angeles who "repairs" motors..  Duall claims to
repair but they actually just steal your money.  I spent a year and
$1200 trying to get the motor repaired/ writing to forums etc.,
shipping the camera to Los Angeles, working with Duall in NYC..  In
the end, I ended up with a stolen motor (so I was told) that squeaked
and a worthless camera.

When Eclair NPR camera were built, they did not release the specs for
the motor or circuitry board.  There are people who can cobble them
together- but after a year, I was unable to locate an honest mechanic.

It is a shame-  the cameras are affordable and quite nice (when they work).

Good Luck

On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 12:35 AM, mariah garnett
<> wrote:
> Hello everyone -
> i just bought an eclair NPR off ebay and was told after the fact that the
> motor is broken.The seller's offering to knock the price down to $370 or let
> me cancel the sale. Anyone know how much an NPR motor would cost to repair
> or replace?
> or know any good 16mm camera repair places that work for relatively cheap in
> the LA area (or who have free shipping)?
> all advice appreciated...
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