Myron asked, "how many major museums in the country have such theaters with well maintained projection equipment?"

A number still exist. We present programs at museum auditoria, both in 35mm and 16mm (Fischinger and Belson, among other programs). Just in the last 2 months, at SF MoMA and at The National Gallery of Art, Washington DC (beautiful, large theater). Next, at LACMA (Fischinger and more, April 27).

MoMA of course still has theatres and regular film screenings. I'm guessing Chicago must have something still, and Philadelphia. And the Walker? There's other auditoria and projection equipment in Washington DC at some of the Smithsonian museums which have screenings (Hirshhorn, etc).  There's major museums with auditoria and equipment that don't present regular programming (Guggenheim NY, huge theatre), or that don't program much avant-garde (Getty).

A number of smaller museums still have auditoria with film equipment - Hammer Museum, LA (in conjunction w UCLA Film & TV Archive).
MOCA LA has a nice theatre, but only 16mm, no 35mm.
Portland Art Museum (unless that's changed?), and Cleveland.
I'm sure there's many more in this category. 

But, we do receive an increasing amount of inquiries from museums requesting digital copies for screenings, as they can't screen film anymore. Some can still screen 35mm, but not 16mm.

Cindy Keefer
Center for Visual Music
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