It's not generally the cheapest thing to get done, and I don't know if there 
are any super cut-rate vendors that provide this service, but Metropolis in NYC 
is a place I know a lot of filmmakers use for digital-to-16mm.

Colorlab (Maryland) can do it, but not sure what their prices are like for that 
specifically.  Cineric in NYC might also be able to.

And I don't know if it would be cheap enough to be worth it, but Synchro Film 
in Austria could also do it last I checked.  

Mark Toscano

 From: winston degiobbi <>
Sent: Friday, March 9, 2012 9:13 AM
Subject: [Frameworks] video to film printing

Hey. wondering if anyone knew of a lab that laser prints to 16mm film from 
video at a great price. I  have a 10 minute short film I would like to transfer 
and most of the labs charge about 2 grand for this service.

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