Summer 2012 at the Handmade Film Institute

*NEW* Pacific Northwest Film Camp July 7 - 15, 2012

Spend a week on beautiful Orcas Island, WA investigating the physical
medium and chemical underpinnings of celluloid film, learning to make
your own emulsion, exploring hand processing techniques, and pushing
the creative and aesthetic limits of the handmade filmmaking process
from start to finish.  Our home base is located right at the water’s
edge – and whether you choose to camp outdoors or take advantage of
limited indoor accommodations in the lodge, the setting will provide
an inspirational backdrop for an intensive immersion in all aspects of
filmmaking.  The week will also likely include an overnight filmmaking
excursion to uninhabited Sucia Island, designated as a Washington
State Park.  Throughout the week, we will share gourmet meals al
fresco featuring the Handmade Film Institute’s near-legendary vegan
cuisine.  All materials are provided, and participants will have
access to both conventional and underwater filmmaking equipment, as
well as onsite darkroom and printing facilities.

Rocky Mountain Film Camp July 28 - August 5, 2012

Now in its 9th year, this is the Handmade Film Institute's
foundational workshop.  We spend a week at 8200 feet in the Rocky
Mountains engaged in a comprehensive investigation of film as a
physical medium.  As film artists, we will delve into a detailed
exploration of the photochemistry of celluloid film and development
processes with an eye to unlocking and expanding their potential as
artistic media.  Choose your own spot to pitch a tent in the beautiful
forests and meadows surrounding the lodge, and get ready for a
focused, introspective and inspirational week.  The experience
includes a filmmaking excursion to the Indian Peaks Wilderness, one of
Colorado’s most scenic preserves located at the Continental Divide. 
Past participants rave about the gourmet vegan meals and the sense of
creative community that is nurtured during mealtime conversations
under the big tent.  Workshop participants will have access 24/7 to
full darkroom and printing facilities, and all materials and film
stocks are provided.

Colorado Wilderness Filmmaking Expedition August 11 – 19, 2012

First offered in the summer of 2008, this backpacking expedition into
the pristine Mt. Zirkel Wilderness features an exploration of
zero-emissions filmmaking and a philosophical immersion into the
nature of filmic artmaking itself.  We transport an entire simplified
handmade filmmaking apparatus on our backs, carrying the necessary
chemistry, film stocks, cameras, editing tools and projection
equipment up to our campsite at 10,500 feet.  Once established, the
base camp becomes a filmmaking studio en plein air – the streams
hydrate our chemistry, the sun dries our film, and the darkness of the
night provides the limitless darkroom in which we work.

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