Dear Frameworkers,

Our apologies for the late notice. We have a rare pairing of films tomorrow
night (SATURDAY April 7) at Microscope Gallery in Bushwick Brooklyn, NY.
A performance by a Spanish dancer/performance artist Camila Caneq proceeds
the film at 6PM if you want to come early.  Here are the details.

*OF DEATH*: *a night of performance and films*
6PM *Our Dresses*: Final Action dance/performance by Camila Cañeque
7PM screening of *The Dead Man* by Peggy Ahwesh & Keith Sanborn
& *The End* by Christopher Maclaine

For this Easter and Passover Holiday weekend, we confront our mortality
with a unique evening of performance and film works in which death is the
unabashed subject. At 6PM, we are pleased to present the final act of
Spanish dancer/performer Camila Cañeque’s 27-day durational project “Our
Dresses”, which included shows at the The Armory and the Itinerant
Performance Festival this past month.  The performance is followed by two
groundbreaking films: Peggy Ahwesh and Keith Sanborn’s George Bataille
influenced “The Deadman” (1990) and Christopher Maclaine’s rare 16mm Beat
film “The End” (1953), which will be introduced by Pip Chodorov of RE:VOIR
films.  This is the first time these two works have screened together.


Camila Cañeque
60 minute durational performance
*Audience may enter and exit as they please*

Peggy Ahwesh & Keith Sanborn
1989, b&w, sound, 16 mm film on video, 36 min

Based on Le Mort by Georges Bataille, the story of Marie and her last night
of extremes. *The Deadman *has screened in numerous film festivals in the
US and abroad and was a selection for the Whitney Biennial in 1991.

“The Deadman is based on a story by Bataille, charting “the adventures of a
near-naked heroine who sets in motion a scabrous free-from orgy before
returning to the house to die — a combination of elegance, raunchy
defilement and barbaric splendor.” — Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader.

“The most unique film of the 1990s American avant-garde” — Jonas Mekas


Christopher Maclaine
1953, 16mm film, 35 minutes
*Presented by Pip Chodorov of RE:VOIR films*

*The End* presents a series of people on the last day of each of their
lives, none of whom are aware as they depart that that “the end” for all is
about to take place. The film is considered a pivotal work of the American
avant garde and Maclaine’s masterpiece. We are screening the work in it’s
original format. *The End* is available for rental at the Film-maker’s
Cooperative. Last year, RE:VOIR released the film on DVD and it is
available for purchase.

“With Maclaine, we are going back to the source of the Beats; he was the
filmmaker who chronicled the movement as it happened and created a center
of one of the aspects of the Beat myth seven or eight years before the
grand epic of Beat became nationally known with Allen Ginsberg and Jack
Kerouac…. I have seen THE END more than fifty times, and there are moments
when I still begin to tremble at the psychological blockages and outright
terror of it.” – Stan Brakhage

*Peggy Ahwesh* is a media artist who got her start in the 1970′s with
feminism, punk and amateur Super 8 filmmaking. Ahwesh has exhibited
worldwide including most recently at the Carnegie Museum of Art,
Pittsburgh; Goethe House, NYC; The Tate Modern, London; The Virginia Museum
of Art; Microscope Gallery, NYC; James Gallery, NYC; and Guggeheim Museum,
Bilboa. Her solo exhibition “Inside Circle” is currently on view at
Microscope Gallery through April 16.

*Keith Sanborn*’s  work has been included in major survey exhibitions such
as the Whitney Biennial, the American Century, and Monter/Sampler and
festivals such as OVNI (Barcelona), The Rotterdam International Film
Festival, Hong Kong Videotage, and Ostranenie (Dessau). His theoretical
work has appeared in a range of publications from journals such as Artforum
and books, such as Kunst nach Ground Zero to exhibition catalogues
published by MOMA (New York), Exit Art, and the San Francisco Cinematheque.
He has translated into English the work of Guy Debord, René Viénet, Gil
Wolman, Georges Bataille, Napoleon, Paolo Gioli, Berthold Brecht, Lev
Kuleshov and Esther Shub among others. He has also acted as anindependent
curator, working with such institutions as the Oberhausen Short Film
Festival, Exit Art, Artists Space, the Pacific Film Archive, and
CinemaTexas. He teaches at Princeton University and Bard College.

*Christopher Maclaine* was born in 1923 in Oklahoma and graduated from the
University of California at Berkeley. He was a Beat poet in the 40s and 50s
and founder of Contour magazine. He also made four short avant garde films,
all in the 50s. The End is his first and longest work. He died on April 6,

*Camila Cañeque* (Barcelona, b. 1984) is a conceptual and performance
artist whose work explores the construction of contemporary identity and
self-representation. Cañeque transforms into a role or persona over
extended periods of time -from 27 days to a year- and documents her new
life through photography, film and video. Deriving from autobiographical
experiences and anthropological concerns, her fictional characters are
always condemned to live displaced. She has performed and screened her work
in New York during the last month at The Armory Show, Intinerant
Performance Art Festival, and The Kitchen.

more info at

Microscope Gallery, 4 Charles Place (at Myrtle Ave btwn Bushwick &
Evergreen Ave), Brooklyn, NY 11221, tel: 347/925.1433, nearest subway J/M/Z
Myrtle/Broadway, also L Morgan Ave or Jefferson Street.
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