Hey also just wondering, where is there a xerox machine where you can transfer 
paper drawings to cels?

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>thanks, good to know...to clarify, we're not looking to buy a stand, but a 
>situation with a vendor where we can rent enough time/space & help to shoot 
>many cels
>Cindy Keefer
>CVM email = cvmaccess at gmail.com
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>>San Francisco State has a 16 and 35 oxberry animation stand and they have a 
>>sweet oxberry optical printer with 2 filmgates, also 16 and 35.  Theyre not 
>>for sale but anyone can just go in there and use them.
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>>>From: C Keefer <kee...@earthlink.net>
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>>>Subject: [Frameworks] west coast oxberry animation stand?
>>>speaking of Oxberry stands - can anyone recommend a vendor with an Oxberry 
>>>animation stand in the southern CA, SF Bay Area or west coast? We need to 
>>>shoot many cels onto 35mm. In worst case we can do 16mm, but 35mm is 
>>>definitely preferred. We understand there are no vendors anymore in LA with 
>>>working stands for film.
>>>thanks in advance,
>>>Cindy Keefer
>>>Center for Visual Music
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