Hello FrameworkersJust wanted to mention I have a new audio release on the 
excellent Green Field Recordings label based in PortugalThe disc is called-A 
Dance in Slow time along the Pacific Rim-go 
here-http://greenfieldrecordings.yolasite.com/audio-2012.phpand a new video 
herehttp://vimeo.com/39849525take a look if you have the time-have a wonderful 
weekendall the best,chris
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This is great. I just got it and just listened to it. Worth getting the old
sony walkman out for. Well recommended. The music stands the test of time.
Want to (re?) see the films now.


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Dear Frameworkers,

I thought this may be of interest
> to some of you.

Through my imprint Imminent Frequencies, I have just released
> Rick Corrigan
"Soundtracks For Brakhage" a limited edition cassette release,
> which
compiles three of the soundtracks Rick Corrigan made between 1990-1992
> for
films by Stan Brakhage. The three soundtracks presented here are;
> Boulder
Blues and Pearls and ..., Crack Glass Eulogy and Visions in Meditation
> Part
3: Plato's Cave. The recordings were transferred from the original
> tape
masters by Rick himself and the artwork was created using strips from
> the
16mm films courtesy of Marilyn Brakhage and Fred Camper.

*IF17 -
*c34 Edition of 150*

> electronic soundtracks by Rick Corrigan composed for films by the
> filmmaker Stan Brakhage. During the mid 1980¹s Rick Corrigan was
part of the
> Colorado-based experimental ensemble Architect¹s Office when he
> local film legend Stan Brakhage. In the years that followed they
> collaborate on numerous film projects and live performances in and
> Boulder, Colorado. The three soundtracks presented here were made
> 1990-1992 and were composed on a variety of synthesizers and
> instruments. Over the course of each piece Corrigan uses various
techniques to
> create a wide range of otherworldly sounds. Layers constantly
shift in texture
> and tone forming an aural mosaic. Never redundant and
thoroughly genuine,
> these are the sounds of an amazing electronic
synthesis. Transferred from the
> original cassette masters and featuring
artwork created from Brakhage's
> original 16mm films.

> For pictures, sound clips and purchasing info please
> visit:



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