> I use anything from 1-4 liter kit of tetenal's E-6 developer a month. After
>  looking on some forums it appeared that it was ok at dispose of E-6 down t
> he drain. However I was recently on a course in London and the lecturer tol
> d me it was worth finding out for certain what was in the E-6 before dumpin
> g it. So now I've started storing that until I find out. 

I wouldn't worry about quantities that low.  If you're living in a small town
where a couple thousand people share a small waste treatment plant, you might
want to call and see... but that's not really enough to worry about especially
if you're not dumping it all at once.

> Would it be worth while investing in a silver recovery system? I have absol
> utely no idea how much they are or what they even look like. Forgive my ign
> orance.

Probably not worth it with such low volumes, but if you live in an urban
area you can probably get someone to pick the stuff up for you.


Also if you have a local print shop or T-shirt screening shop, they may have
a recovery system and would be willing to pay you for your old hypo and
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