Also relevant to this is Brakhage's "Passage Through: A Ritual" (1990) a rare 
(for Brakhage) sound film and for my money one of the very most interesting 
uses of sound around. Fairly long—50 minutes and split onto two reels—the film 
is "synced" to a score by Phillip Corner—a piano improvisation with long 
portions of minimal repetition. Against this the film presents single frames 
and short passages of solid color and occasional imagery that sometimes sync 
with the punctuation of the image and sometimes precede or follow this 
punctuation in a completely unpredictable way, creating a very interesting 
experience in viewing of anticipation and surprise. It is very tempting  to see 
this amazing work as created in dialog with the works of the "flicker 
filmmakers," notably Sharits and Kubelka, each with their strong ideas 
regarding sound/image synchrony.

Steve Polta

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Oh, and Stan Brakhage's "The Process," combining fragments of photographed
images with solid-color frames that are rapidly edited.

Fred Camper

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