Hi Frameworkers:

I'm clearing out my library of film texts. All are paperback unless otherwise 
noted. I'm selling these as a lot for $30 plus shipping via media mail (or you 
can save the dough and pick 'em up from me if you're in NYC). Contact me 
offlist if interested. 


-> Scott Nyerges

Making Documentary Films and Reality Videos, 1st ed.
Barry Hampe

A Killer Life (hardcover)
Christine Vachon

The Art of Technique (1996)
John S. Douglass, Glenn P. Harnden

Directing the Documentary, 3rd ed.
Michael Rabiger

Light Moving in Time (1992)
William Wee

S/Z (1974)
Roland Barthes

Visionary Film, 2nd ed.
P. Adams Sitney

A Critical Cinema, vols. 2 & 3
Scott MacDonald

Stan Brakhage: Correspondences
The Chicago Review, 2001-2

Screen Writings (1995)
Scott MacDonald

Wide Angle: The Flaherty (v. 17)
Erik Barnouw, Patty Zimmermann, eds.

Film Form (1977)
Sergei Eisenstein
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