Hello Frameworkers. 

Tomorrow May 15th is the regular deadline for submissions to Dallas VideoFest 
25. I haven't gotten nearly enough experimental/video art entries yet (some may 
be going through processing still, not sure. The new system we're using is a 
little cumbersome.) But please send works our way. I'll just note that while 
the fest is the VideoFest, it's not at all unusual for us to show works that 
were shot on film but finished on video. And I'll also note that this year 
we're returning to the Dallas Museum of Art, the institution where the 
VideoFest started in 1987. If you have any questions about the submission 
process, email me (m_alex_mor...@yahoo.com) or Raquel (raq...@videofest.org).

Regular Deadline = May 15th ($35 for shorts)

Extended Deadline = June 1st ($45 for shorts)


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