Hello Frameworkers!

Rajesh Barnabas, again from xprmntlTV.

I collate a public access tv show highlighting experimental clips. The next
episode's theme will revolve around war, violence, etc., especially in
regards to the Middle East. I am looking for experimental portrayals of
these subject matters. But if you have stuff that is not from about the
Middle East, send it anyways because I will expand the show to more
episodes on this theme, then.

The easiest way is to upload it to Vimeo and then let me download if from
there if it is not there already. Or send me a YouTube link. Dropbox,
YouSendIt, etc. are other ways to send larger files.

More info on the show, as well as past episodes can be found at

Also if I have not shown the stuff you sent me, it is because I am waiting
for it to fit into one of the up coming themed episodes. For example some
have sent sci-fi type stuff. I am definitely going to show that stuff in
its own show, probably episode 5 or 6.

Thanks ahead of time for your contributions!

-Rajesh Barnabas
Rochester, NY

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