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Subject: from Sarah Schulman, an appeal for support for Lawrence Brose
Date: Tue, May 29, 2012 5:49 pm

Dear Friends,

An impressive list of Feminist artists, writers and intellectuals
have signed on to support the Lawrence Brose Defense Fund.

Lawrence is a sixty-year-old gay experimental filmmaker, and my personal
friend for 25 years. Almost four years ago, the Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE) operating under Homeland Security came to Lawrence's
studio in Buffalo, New York and seized his computer. They then claimed
that there were downloaded images of "child pornography" found on the
computer's hard drive. He has not seen the images, ICE has not proven
that the models in said photos are under 18, and the whereabouts of the
computer between the time of seizure and the announcement of these images
remains unclear. Lawrence has denied the charges.

As you can imagine Lawrence has been dragged through years of life
destroying legal expenses, restrictions on his travel,
unemployability and severe psychological stress as he fights a
potential prison sentence on these dubious charges.

Two distinguished feminist writers Judith Levine and Debbie Nathan
have established an Artist Fund for Lawrence as part of the
National Center for Reason and Justice, an organization they
co-founded to assist victims of false and hysterical sex abuse

We have also been joined by such esteemed women ARTISTS as Carolee
Schneemann, Barbara Hammer and Pauline Oliveros; PROFESSORS Lisa Steele
(University of Toronto), Heather Hendershot (CUNY), Andrea Fraser (UCLA),
Millie Chen, (SUNY Buffalo), Adele Henderson (SUNY, Buffalo), Stephanie
Rothenberg (SUNY Buffalo), Joan Linder (SUNY Buffalo), Stefani Bardin
(The New School), Claire Pentecost (Art Institute of Chicago), Wendy
Chapkis (University of Southern Maine), Lynn Hershman Leeson (UC Davis),
as well as CURATORS AND MUSEUM/GALLERY DIRECTORS including Sylvia de Swan
(Visual Artist and Founding Executive Director of Sculpture Space), Anne
Pasternak (President and Artistic Director of Creative Time), Kim Simon
(TPW Gallery, Toronto), Linda Gellman (Vice President, CEPA Gallery),
Maria Elena Gonzales (Vice Chair, Skowhegan), Lucia Sommer (Associate
Editor, Afterimage), Maia Cybelle Carpenter (President, Canyon Cinema),
Carol Parkinson (Harvestworks), Georgiana Pickett (Baryshnikov Arts
Center), Ann Kalmbach (Women's Studio Workshop), Dusica Kirjakovic
(Director, Lower East Side Print Shop), Lisa Fischman (Director, Davis
Museum at Wellesley College) and Sandra Q Firmin (Curator, University of
Buffalo Art Gallery.)

Please make a contribution IN ANY AMOUNT to help Lawrence fight these
charges and get his life back on track.


Sarah Schulman
Distinguished Professor of the Humanities
City University of New York, College of Staten Island.


With these letters of support, generous donors helped raise $12,000. We
cannot express our gratitude enough for this outpouring of help. There is
a growing momentum of support, but we do need to remind all supporters
that we need to raise a significant amount of money to defend Lawrence's
innocence and help him reclaim his life.

Please remember that tax deductible donations to Lawrence's defense can be
made through the National Center for Reason and Justice. NCRJ works for child-protective laws
based on science, fairness, and good sense, and supports people who are
falsely accused or convicted of crimes against children.

Also, please visit the defense fund website if you wish to donate
directly: The website
continues to update with supportive testimonials and contributions to the
art sale to benefit Lawrence's defense.

To all who are receiving this email, please let us know if you do not want
to receive these updates.

also invite supporters to send us their comments and suggestions for
spreading the word and seeking support. We are confident that justice
will prevail for Lawrence Brose with your help.

Sincerest regards,

The Defense Fund Team

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