Dear Matt and list members,

Re Matt's question on experimental documentary, I'd like to point out
that there are also lots of newer experimental, documentary-oriented
films available online, and some slightly older works on DVD (eg via
Marsha Kinder's Labyrinth Project). These are generally interactive,
non-linear, and occasionally database-driven (ie without fixed paths).
(I understand there's a general prohibition on video on the list, so
please forgive the lapse.)

Full disclosure: I am codeveloper of the Korsakow System
<> an opensource application for creating
database-driven films. By far the best Korsakow filmmaker I know is
its inventor (and my collaborator) Florian Thalhofer. See for example
his recent film Planet Galata <> about life on the
Galata Bridge in Istanbul. There are lots of other Korsakow films on
Florian's website <>, plus the showcase/vernissage of
works on the Korsakow website itself <>.

Speaking of film vs video, I would be remiss if I didn't mention my
colleague Monika Kin Gagnon's new-ish Korsakow film Archiving R69
<>, an exercise in what she calls
'posthumous cinema': after her artist father Charles Gagnon died, she
came across an unfinished, 16mm experimental film of his, and, using
notes and rough cuts, created Archiving R69 as a way to 'unfinish' an
unfinishable film (my description). Monika and I are supporting the
ongoing development of Korsakow via our current research-creation
project <>, which is a collaboration between us, Florian,
Midi Onodera, and Phil Hoffman.

There are of course plenty of non-Korsakow, non-database-driven,
experimental docs to be found online. A very selective sampling:

Out My Window and One Millionth Tower by Kat Cizek at the NFB
The Whale Hunt by Jonathan Harris <>
Prison Valley by David Dufresne & Philippe Brault
Blood Sugar by Sharon Daniel <>
Public Secrets by Sharon Daniel <>

Finally, here's an incomplete mediagraphy
<> from our
current research-creation project.

Best wishes,

Matt Soar

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