The Catozzo and Newmade splicers are available new from a number of sources.
They are expensive but they are very fast to use.  However, they leave a lot
of debris behind which is the unfortunate side effect of the reperforating
process.  Cardinal is a Newmade dealer.

The Rivas and Hollywood splicers are not available new, but a lot of used
equipment dealers have them.  Cardinal and Chambless always have some in
stock.  They use perforated tape which costs more, and they take about
three times as long to make a splice.  But, they make cleaner splices and
don't leave debris behind.

The Kodak Presstape splicer is $20 and cheap plastic, and it makes a U-shaped
splice that is very visible on-screen.  BUT, the splice is much stronger and 
this makes it a good choice for stuff that will get a lot of abuse.

And... if you're editing camera originals you'll want a cement splicer like
the Maier-Hancock.   Those turn up very cheaply on the used market all the
time... you can see them on ebay on a regular basis.  Since they cannot join
estar-based films, you can't use them on prints and so there is not a huge
market for them anymore.
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