Johan van der Keuken is at least as “experimental” as the distinguished group 
of makers Matt cites. 

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Hi Matt, 

If you're interested in experimental animation exploring non-fiction themes (I 
hesitate to call it "documentary" but others do) you could take a look at my 
vimeo page: Reign of the Dog: A Re-Visionist History (1994) and On Our Way 
(2011, currently password protected-but that is OOW2). (for Reign of the Dog) (for On Our Way)

Also, there is a lot of discussion in the animation studies world about 
documentary animation currently.  See the following:

Of course there are a lot of animated "documentaries" that I don't really think 
are very "experimental" in nature, but that's another discussion....

Hope this helps!

Ruth Hayes

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  hello Frameworkers-

  I am hoping to find good texts and/or essays concerning 
experimental-documentaries.  I've been having a hard time finding much written 
about the sub-genre, so if anyone has some recommendations it would be much 

  Also, while on the subject- I am trying to create a list of feature length 
and noted short films that might be classified as experimental documentary and 
would love feedback on that as well.  I am thinking along the lines of 
films/makers such as Naomi Uman, Craig Baldwin, Bill Brown, Deborah Stratman, 
Lynne Sachs, Su Friedrich, etc, but also tempted to include films such as 
Nostalgia for the Light, Sweetgrass, Tarnation, etc- films made outside the 
experimental tradition but certainly swimming against the mainstream current.


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