You can buy double 8 rolls of Kodak plus-x and Kodak ektachrome from LIFT
here in Toronto:

I'm pretty sure that you can rent the film splitter from their equipment
depot as well. I know for certain that Sebastjan at Niagara Custom Labs
will process regular 8 and split it for you as well (also here in Toronto...we've got great

As far as finding a dual projector (that will project both regular 8 and
super 8), try pawn shops and antique markets in your area. I found my Ansco
dual projector for $30 at a pawn shop. Most of the duals are tension/
direct-driven (not sprocket-driven), as the sprocket size of super 8mm and
regular 8mm is different (regular 8mm sprockets are the same size as 16mm).

A fun experiment to try is to shoot a roll of double 8mm in your double 8
camera (running it through twice, using both sides of the reel), process
it, but refrain from splitting it. If you project it in a 16mm projector,
you'll see an image occupied by four smaller film frames, two right side
up, and two upside down :)

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> Hi Margaret,
> You can order regular 8 film (Kodak stock) from John Schwind:
> Freestyle also imports Foma regular 8 film:
> Any lab that does 16mm reversal can process for you, just ask them if they
> have a slitter to cut the film down to 8mm. Yale and Spectra in Los Angeles
> will both process and slit the film for you. You can also buy a slitter
> online for not very much money, or build one (there are instructions online
> just search around and you'll find it).
> You will need either a regular 8 projector or a dual 8 projector... a
> normal Super 8 projector will not be able to project the film...
> best,
> Rick
> On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 1:39 PM, Margaret Rorison <
>> wrote:
>> I shoot 16mm, but I recently have acquired an old Argus Cinemax 8EE movie
>> camera, which takes *standard double 8mm film*.
>> I had a few questions:
>> Where can I find this film?
>> Where can I process this film?
>> Are the projectors used to screen the film different than super 8mm?
>> thanks!
>> Meg
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