Do you have the shutter infront of the lens like on old hand cranked 
projectors? Otherwise you will expose the film as it moves and get loads
of blur.

Are you trying to get a certain effect, otherwise you could enlarge from 
8mm to 16 on a Jk, and then from 16 to 35 on my printer if you want?

> Hi,
> Sorry if this topic has been covered before. It's quite a difficult one to 
> conjure narrow search terms for.
> Can someone explain the basics of filming a film projection.
> I have an 8mm projector (a Eumig) which will run at 3, 6, 9, 12 and 18fps 
> (but not accurately). and a 35mm projector (which i want to use as the camera
> with print stock in it) which can run at any speed.
> To get the least flicker should I run them at the same speed or make one 
> slightly faster than the the other?
> what happens if they are at mismatched speeds?
> Thanks,
> Mat


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