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> More and more people are standing with Lawrence in his fight against the
> unjust prosecution which has been brought against him. Please join us in
> supporting him by making a contribution to the Lawrence Brose Defense
> Fund.
> June 17, 2012
> Regarding Lawrence Brose:
> The continued prosecution of Buffalo-based artist Lawrence Brose is
> unnecessary, cruel, and completely unjustified - at least, not according
> to anything that I know about him and his work. I know how hard it is for
> anyone to admit that they may have made a mistake, but it is high time for
> those who are investigating Lawrence to take a step back and consider
> whether there is a real case here.
> I am very familiar with the work of this artist. I have seen his completed
> films and the raw material that was used in created them. I have also seen
> photography that was to be used in work that he has not yet completed.  I
> reviewed all this material prior to writing several articles about his
> work, including a review of his film, De Profundis that was published in
> the prestigious media journal Afterimage in 1998. I have recently heard
> that images from that film are among those being called into question. If
> so, that is frankly ridiculous; De Profundis is a highly acclaimed art
> film that has been seen by audiences all over the world.
> Art is not always easy to understand. And anyone is certainly justified in
> not liking an artwork, or even being repelled by it.  I will not go into a
> list of all the artworks that have been labeled “obscene” over the past
> 100 years and are now hanging in places of honor in museums, except to say
> that it is a long list. What I will do is say that I have seen and
> respected the work of Lawrence Brose for almost 30 years. I have also
> known, liked, and respected Lawrence as a person for every one of those
> years.
> He has my full support.
> Yours,
> Elizabeth Licata
> Past President, Squeaky Wheel/Buffalo Media Resources
> ************************************************************************
> With these letters of support, generous donors helped raise $15,000.  We
> cannot express our gratitude enough for this outpouring of help.  There is
> a growing momentum of support, but we do need to remind all supporters
> that we need to raise a significant amount of money to defend Lawrence's
> innocence and help him reclaim his life.
> Please remember that tax deductible donations to Lawrence's defense can be
> made through the National Center for Reason and Justice.
> http://ncrj.org/lawrence-brose/  NCRJ works for child-protective laws
> based on science, fairness, and good sense, and supports people who are
> falsely accused or convicted of crimes against children.
> Also, please visit the defense fund website if you wish to donate
> directly: http://lawrencebroselegaldefensefund.com/.  The website
> continues to update with supportive testimonials and contributions to the
> art sale to benefit Lawrence's defense.
> To all who are receiving this email, please let us know if you do not want
> to receive these updates.
> also invite supporters to send us their comments and suggestions for
> spreading the word and seeking support.  We are confident that justice
> will prevail for Lawrence Brose with your help.
> Sincerest regards,
> The Defense Fund Team
> defensef...@lawrencebrose.com
> www.lawrencebroselegaldefensefund.com
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