If you really want HD for sketches and tests, then borrow an XH-A1 (or similar) 
and project the film onto a piece of matte board (more smooth and even than a 
wall) getting the camera as close to the projector as possible to minimize 
parallax. The results can be surprisingly good. Probably best to use manual 
iris bracket exposures, and do a few takes.

If you want high quality stills, try to borrow an analytic projector, or some 
other model with a pause function that will project a still frame without 
burning up the film. Then shoot that with a DSLR. There's more detail in 16mm 
than any HD transfer can capture.

Unless it's footage you know you want to use for a serious project / finished 
product paying for a good frame-by-frams scan isn't cost effective.

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