Although I haven't seen it yet-  I've heard great things about "Gerard
Richter Painting" as a look inside the artist's work.

Mostly just playing now at smaller art-houses, but you can find out where
on the website

And, although it's fiction - Basquiat (1996) is really engaging and may be

I've made a few short pieces about artists as well, and I think the
important thing for me has been to find what motivates the artist in
his/her work and then use that as motivation for the film itself. (Like if
an artist is greatly inspired by nature - including that raw inspiration
material into the film can give the audience a sense of "seeing as the

Just some thoughts - good luck!  I'd love to hear how it goes!


On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 12:53 AM, Shumona Goel <> wrote:

> Dear Frameworks,
> My friend and I are working on a short film about a modern Indian
> painter.  We have been "commissioned" to make this film, so we are
> struggling with a number of issues.
> Although the painter is a great artist, and we have begun to admire his
> work, we would not necessarily make a film about him if it were not an
> opportunity to practice our form (film).
> I was wondering if you may be able to suggest films that have been made
> about artists for us to watch and learn how others have handled this tricky
> subject.
> Many thanks,
> Shumona
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