Hi Frameworks,

As much as I often oppose using listservs like this one for self-promotion,
I'm writing you today to ask for your assistance. Along with my partner
Alexandra Caulfield, I am trying to put together a roving community
engagement/documentary project called Canadian Frame(lines), which seeks to
elucidate Canadian Identity in the 21st century by providing various
smaller communities with analog film (b/w reversal super 8 specifically),
equipment, processing, and screening all in one 22' former school bus. All
of our workshops are completely free, and we're entirely self-funded.

So this is where the pitch comes in! Canadian Frame(lines) needs $30,000 to
take off on schedule early in 2013. We want to raise this money as much as
possible through individual contributions (in keeping with the general
spirit of the project), so we've launched a campaign on Indiegogo. Check it
out at www.indiegogo.com/CanadianFramelines or get more info at

If you can, we would be eternally grateful for any and all contributions to
the project (and I think we have some pretty nifty perks). Another thing
that helps a lot is spreading the word, so passing our information on to
your friends, colleagues, and family is also immensely appreciated. And
we'd also really like to hear what your thoughts are! We've gotten lots of
feedback from different people whose expertise lies in the Canadian
sociological field of study, but we haven't gotten much from the film
community as of yet.

To summarize, if you have an interest in any/all of: itinerant filmmaking
and exhibition, community-based analog film workshops, Canadian identity,
or converted school buses, then please help us get Canadian Frame(lines) on
the road!

Thanks for your time,

Ryder White
Co-Founder, Canadian Frame(lines)
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