I'm posting additional information on the current feature documentary PAPA. My 
apologies for cross-posting. 

PAPA Synopsis:
PAPA will chronicle the Ernest "Papa" Hemingway Look-alike Contest and 
spotlight a number of participants, their family members, friends, and fans. 
The film will explore concepts of celebrity, the importance of history, and 
create a portrait of the eccentric and proud "Conch Republic" of Key West, FL. 

PAPA Production Notes:
Research for PAPA started July 2010 and formal filming and photography began 
last summer. We'll continue to collect material through spring 2013. So far 
we've collected 50+ hours of footage and anticipate close to 100 hours after 
this year's Key West shoot. Surely we'll hit close to 150 hours by spring's 
end. Thousands of photographs have been taken and more will be added too.

Further, PAPA is currently up on Kickstarter and is closing in on it's end 
date. 5 days remain to assist with independent film and to collect a PAPA 
backer reward. 

For more info, follow the PAPA links below or contact me directly.

Shane Eason, MFA
Filmmaker | Curator | Educator
Black Iron Films | PAPA©2013

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