thanks scott.
what do you mean by the mirrors?

On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 10:47 AM, Scott Dorsey <> wrote:

> I think Buhl made a half-inch lens for the B&H projectors.  It was ungodly
> slow and had awful edge-to-edge sharpness but it sort of worked.
> I may have one around somewhere, I will have to look.
> Bell and Howell made a 5/8" lens for in-flight movie systems on airplanes.
> It also had sharpness issues and a lot of barrel distortion.
> You could try asking Neil at Cardinal Sound and Motion Picture in Maryland
> about renting super wide lenses.  301-621-2500.  I know that they have at
> least some B&H 5/8" lenses in their rental stock.  I worry, though, that
> you
> are going to wind up spending an awful lot of money for very poor image
> quality.
> You might be better off with a couple of large front-surface mirrors and a
> 1" lens.
> --scott
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