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> Hi all,
> Just confirmed with Kodak today that they're discontinuing production of
> sound recording stock 3378 (for making track negatives) in 35/32mm.  They
> have enough stock left for about 1-1.5 years, based on past sales numbers.
>  35mm and regular 16mm gauges will remain available.
> While this may sound somewhat esoteric, 35/32mm is what 16mm track
> negatives are often shot on, at least here in L.A., where there are still
> several good sound houses making new track negatives for 16mm.  I haven't
> yet confirmed with a couple of them, but did confirm so far that DJ Audio
> can't shoot regular 16mm, only 35/32mm, and Pete at DJ thinks there may not
> be any sound house in L.A. that can shoot regular 16mm.  I'll check around
> with some of the other sound houses though.
> Pete did say that Agfa makes a 35/32mm sound recording stock, which he's
> used and thought was perfectly good.  So bottom line, this isn't the
> loudest of alarms being sounded, but something worth noting, at least.

Hi Mark,

Fuji released a 35mm optical sound stock, however I do not believe it's
available as 32/35.

Though you might try contacting Michael Bulbenko at Fuji to see if they
have a 32/35 version.

My understand is that most if not all of those companies shooting optical
tracks in Los Angeles - NT, Chace, DJ - are shooting
on AGFA 35 and 32/35 stock.

Gibbs Chapman in SF can shoot 16mm track, though I cannot recall if he has
a 2000' mag or only 1200'.

Cinema Labs in Colorado shoots 16mm track, or used to, and I think they are
1200' only as well.

Transit Audio in Toronto was doing it for a while but I believe they stop.
LIFT would know if anyone is still shooting track in Toronto,
or LIFT may now have a camera in their facility.

I know there are other places, but I have to consult the list that I seemed
to have misplaced.

40 Frames actually owns a Harvey optical sound camera with Maurer F prime
galvo, but honestly, it's hard to compete with the cost
and level of quality that NT, Chace and DJ provide. DJ in particular can do
very good work for a very competitive rate.

Actually, I am surprised to here that Kodak would dump 32/35 and keep 16mm,
rather than the other way around. Seems like 16mm
will be next on the list to go. I know AGFA's sales of 16mm are not good
and I cannot image that Kodak is any better, though I would
love to hear differently. AGFA comes into the U.S. through HFC, and the
minimum orders are very expensive.

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