I've flashed miles of b/w and color super 8, though it's been well over ten 
years. I've read and experienced that there are a variety of 'ideal' points at 
which to flash. I had the most 'success' halfway through. But on Phil Hoffman's 
Film Farm, we were encouraged to do it during the first third, if not earlier, 
using a mini mag light for couple of seconds.
I found the intensity and duration of the flash to more critical. I preferred 
using a clamp light with a 100 watt bulb. Then, lifting the entire, somewhat 
unravelled mess of film out of the tank, and holding it about 2 or 3 feet away 
from the light, I'd click it on and off as fast as I could, then returned it to 
the tank to continue processing where I left off.
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